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AfroShe hair & skin care range

AfroShe® Hair & Skin Care Range for 2015
AfroShe® Hair & Skin Care Range


AfroShe® is a range of all natural, handmade, chemical-free products for hair and skin, created by Ruth.

AfroShe® hair and skin care products are excellent for…
*Afro hair – natural or relaxed
*Transitional Afro hair (mix of relaxed & natural)
*Caucasian hair (frizz control)
*Braided hair and Dreadlocks (moisturises scalp for dandruff control)
*Baby hair and skin care (new range)
*Dry skin
*Nail & cuticle care
*Cracked heels
*All ages

*Women & Men

Read The Story of AfroShe®

AfroShe® YouTube Channel 

AfroShe® Etsy eshop

BUY INSTORE at (salon and online) Adelaide, South Australia

Do you relate to any of my story? If so, I’d love to hear about it.

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I'm Ruth the founder and owner of AfroShe®-all natural, handmade and chemical-free hair and skin care products.

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