The AfroShe® Story

Over many years I found myself frustrated by the challenges of maintaining my own, my daughter’s, and my son’s afro hair. Our hair was always dry, tangled and brittle. Every attempt to detangle and brush my kids’ hair would always end in tears. I tried every product I could find in the shops. But nothing made any difference to the condition of our hair. So in April 2013 I determined to create a blend of natural and traditional ingredients that would prevent hair breakage by hydrating, healing and conditioning my family’s hair, and therefore promote hair growth.

Then a year and a few months later AfroShe® Baby Naturals was born (excuse my pun) just after the birth of my third child, Caleb (the face of Baby Naturals), in July 2014. As we all in my family used AfroShe natural products for our hair and skin, I didn’t want Caleb to miss out! With the knowledge that careful moisturising is needed for babies delicate skin, scalp and hair, I carefully formulated hair butter (out now!) and skin care (coming soon to eshop!) products just right for baby Caleb. I immediately started using AfroShe Baby Naturals hair and skin care products instead of waiting till he was a few weeks old. I did this because the store bought hair and skin care products made his hair (he was born with a head full of hair!) and skin dry. Now everyone in my family including baby Caleb continues to enjoy the lovely results from AfroShe’s natural hair and skin care products!

It took a lot of research and a lot of experiment since April 2013, but now, I am thrilled not only with the transformation of my own family’s hair but also with continual feedback from people who tell me that AfroShe® products have healed and transformed the condition of their own skin and hair. See the testimonials on the tab to your left. I hope you will try AfroShe® and discover for yourself the joy of natural hair!

Ruth (30+), Evie (6yrs), Caleb (5months) & Ben (4yrs)
Ruth (30+), Evie (6yrs), Caleb (5months) & Ben (4yrs)

AfroShe® hair & skin care products can help…

*Afro hair – natural or relaxed
*Transitional Afro hair (mix of relaxed & natural)
*Caucasian hair (small amount needed to control frizz -watch Lili’s demo on AfroShe’s YouTube)
*Braided hair (moisturises scalp for dandruff control)
*Baby hair and skin care (new range)
*Dry skin
*Nail & cuticle care
*Cracked heels
*All ages
*Basically anyone (babies, children, men & women) – use a small amount at first and then “listen” to what your skin or hair needs.


Author: AfroShe

I'm Ruth (Founder and Formulator, AfroShe®). AfroShe® - Handmade, 100% natural & organic hair and skin care products.

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