Quick & Easy PONYTAIL


Quick & Easy Ponytail |Natural Hair | AfroShe

Hi Guys,

Hope you all had a blessed Christmas! A warm welcome to you if you are new! Enjoy this video.
Thanks for all your wonderful support throughout 2017! We look forward to blessing your hair and skin with more of AfroShe all natural handmade and chemical-free products. God’s richest abundance of blessings on you and your loved ones in 2018.

Visit our family channel at WALLIS FAMILY LIFE HACKS for “ONE COMMON INGREDIENT” https://youtu.be/FpT8WpPjKt0

Music: YouTube Music Library

God bless and stay well!

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Author: AfroShe

I'm Ruth (Founder and Formulator, AfroShe®). AfroShe® - Handmade, 100% natural & organic hair and skin care products.

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