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About AfroShe®



At AfroShe® we believe that your natural hair and skin are beautifully made and perfect in every way and therefore deserve the best nature has to offer in love and care. That’s why at AfroShe® our products are handmade, formulated with 100% natural & certified organic ingredients, delivering instant and long lasting results that you can see and feel. We are proud of the high quality of all the ingredients used in our products.

AfroShe® hair care products helps people with Wavy (2b, 2c hair), Curly (3a, 3b, 3c hair) & Kinky (4a, 4b, 4c hair) by moisturising, hydrating & nourishing their hair and therefore reduces hair breakage so they can retain hair length and grow & have healthy natural hair.

AfroShe® skin care products helps people with dry skin, eczema & psoriasis by soothing, moisturising & nourishing their skin so they don’t have to worry about unbearably dry & itchy skin.

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~~~~~~~~~~The Story of AfroShe®~~~~~~~~~~~

The story began with our founder and owner Ruth Wallis. Ruth writes… “When I had my first baby, my little girl, I discovered the challenge of maintaining her 3/4 Afro hair. Just like my own hair, which is 100% Afro, my little girl’s hair was always dry and brittle – and every attempt to detangle and brush her hair would always end in tears. I tried every product I could find in the shops. But nothing made any difference to the condition of our hair. So in April 2013 I decided that I would have to create something because nothing in the shops worked and everything that we tried from the shops made the conditions of our hair worse. So I set out to create a blend of natural and traditional ingredients that would hydrate, heal and condition my family’s hair, and enable it to grow without tangling or breaking.

Growing up in Ghana I remember using organic Shea Butter on my skin and hair as a small child! At the time I didn’t really know anything about Shea Butter’s AMAZING healing properties.  It was only when I began to research for AfroShe® that I discovered why Shea Butter had become a staple ingredient in traditional methods of hair and skin care in Ghana. Found only in the tropics of Africa, Shea butter comes from the nuts of the Shea-Karite tree. (Shea-Karite translates as “Tree of Life”). Along with a special selection of 100% natural ingredients, AfroShe® uses organic, unrefined Shea butter, traditionally processed and hand-crafted by local women of Ghana, West Africa.

To create hair butters that are finely textured, and pleasant to the nose; that are able to travel and withstand different climates and changes in temperature; blends that are loved by skin and hair alike…took a lot of research and a lot of experiment! Today, we at AfroShe are thrilled by the transformation of my (Ruth) family’s hair and with the continual feedback we receive from people all around the world who write and send their pictures to tell us that AfroShe® products have healed and transformed the condition of their own skin and hair.”

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Christmas 2017

Ruth and her three children!

Ruth’s natural hair journey from April 2013-Oct 2014 and then 2nd big chop Dec 2016.
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sketch-1479438999784NOTE: # 2nd BIG CHOP 31st Dec 2015 # @afroshe1 picture insert shows 10 months hair growth! Follow AfroShe® on social media to see testimonials of AfroShe’s customers.

AfroShe® is one small part of a worldwide phenomenon. Around the world men and women with Afro hair are learning that God made Afro Hair and made it good!!

Four-time Emmy Award Winner Chris Rock explores why women around the world are loving “going natural” with their fros!

Watch CHRIS ROCK’S  movie “Good Hair” and LET AfroShe® GROW YOUR FRO! Buy the movie or watch on YouTube

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~~~~~~~~~~A bit about our founder Ruth~~~~~~~~~~~

Ruth is a Ghanaian Australian. She moved to Australia with her parents in 1991. She went to primary school, high school and University in New South Wales and later on, completed her Bachelor of Early Childhood Education in Canberra, ACT. She met her husband in Canberra. She’s a wife and a proud mother of three beautiful children, aged 9 years, 7 years & 3 years. Her background is in primary school teaching with a love for early years literacy. She is the author of  the children’s picture book of “Ophelia’s Opposites” and contributing author of “Falling in Love with You” (OakTara USA 2012). This anthology includes the story of how Ruth met her husband. Ophelia’s Opposites (Kindle ebook or Paperback).

Ophelia's Opposites Falling in Love with YouThe 10 Steps to Finding your Soul-Mate - Guaranteed! (results may vary)