June 18, 2019


Here is a gallery of testimonials from our customers to inspire you to start your journey to healthy hair (wavy, curly and kinky coily) and beautiful skin with AfroShe. Our products are handmade, natural and organic, free of parabens, silicone and sulfates. Be sure to check out our social media links for more testimonials & watch our tutorial videos on YoutubeView More

{} Reviews from our IG page @afroshehairskincare

Products used: Shea Butter Curl Styler Combo OR Curl It Moisturising Hair Gel Combo and some of these curlies used all three products - Gel, Styler & Hair Spritz. Watch on YOUTUBE



{} @honestlizhere (IG) Liz is a BIG fan of our products! Check out her results on AfroShe IG and her IG page

honestlizhere AfroShe review

{} Let It Grow!! Consistency with AfroShe® is the key! Thanks Charita (AfroShe® US Retailer) for your consistency with AfroShe® products for your daughter's hair for over 4 years. Keep up the good work.

AfroShe testimonials

Charita’s daughter’s hair journey from 2014 & then Nov 2015  – Mar 2017 (above)

(below) July 2018


AfroShe testimonials  AfroShe testimonials  AfroShe testimonials



{} The Curls are Popping!! Thanks Kate M. for this beautiful update! NEW PRODUCT Combo Pack "Creamy Hair Butter 4 Combo"

AfroShe testimonials  AfroShe testimonials

{} My (Ruth - Founder & Formulator, AfroShe®) Healthy Hair Journey with one of my NEW PRODUCT Pre Lathering Cleanser Deep Conditioner

AfroShe testimonials


   {} Curl It Moisturising Hair Gel (for wavy, curly and kinky hair) keeps on giving!!!

AfroShe testimonials


{} Salon's Review

Darker Shades of Beauty "Undoubtedly the best detangling Conditioning...ever"

 AfroShe testimonials


{} A Very Happy Mum!

I've been using afroshe on my daughters hair since she was 4 months shes now 2 and the afroshe cleanser conditioner is the only conditioner that works for my little girls hair its amazing it helps detangle out all her knots makes her hair super shiny and smooth i love it.
I wish i had before and after photos of my daughters hair from when she was 4 months but she had bald hair patches all over her hair so i started to use the hair spritz and hair butter and her hair started to grow back so fast in just a week shes now got a full head of hair
Thank you so much Ruth you and your products are amazing. - Rochelle

{} From France With Love (France)

c’est ma troisieme commandes que je passe chez Afroshe ,et j’en suis plus que ravie.J’ai 4 filles et grasse a Afroshe il n’y a plus de larmes quand arrive l heure du coiffage et j’ai aussi décidée d’arreter de me défriser les cheveux.Je recommande fortement Afroshe.UN GRAND MERCI a vous Ruth pour Afroshe et votre proféssionnalisme.

TRANSLATION = This is my third orders that I spend at Afroshe, and I am more than happy. I have 4 girls and with Afroshe there is no more tears.... and I also decided to stop to relaxing my hair. I highly recommend Afroshe. Thank you Ruth for Afroshe and your professionalism. - Sabine

{} Aussie, Aussie, Aussie (Australia)

My favourite product is the Afroshe Face and Body Cream with Lavender oil. It's really nourishing for my dry skin and has even cleared up my blemishes. I also love the Afroshe Hair Cleanser with Avocado oil and Hair Spritz for keeping my hair soft and holding my curls throughout the day. Great products Ruth! - Nicole

{}Fast Hair Growth (US): 

At AfroShe® we LOVE getting updates from our customers all around the world!!! Thanks Charita for this one. Charita’s has been using just AfroShe® Hair Care products on her daughter’s hair for a year and 4 months (since Nov 2016).

AfroShe testimonials 

2015 & 2016



{} 2 Months Hair Growth (US): It was lovely getting this before and after from this little girl's mum who was so pleased for her extremely "excited" daughter about her natural hair growth after only 2 months of using AfroShe "Hair Care 3 Combo" products!!

AfroShe testimonials



{}Eczema No More (NSW, Australia): 

I was told by a skin specialist that I had 'bad skin' and that nothing could be done except eliminate some food in case of allergies. Within minutes of applying AfroShe's 'Face & Body Butter - Unscented', my skin was nourished, hydrated and soothed!! I was so happy and no longer have to worry about dry and itchy skin.



 {} Frida (Australia): "I ordered this [AfroShe® Baby Naturals Face & Body Moisturiser]  for my 1 yr old granddaughter and I have to say, we are highly impressed The quality of this product is fantastic and the cream doesn't leave a greasy residue at all. I noticed a huge difference with my granddaughter's skin after just one use. Will definitely buy again and recommend this to others. Thank you so much Ruth.I did put the cream on Lou Lou (my granddaughter) and it made such s difference - even in a few hours.
Her gorgeous little face feels so lovely and you can really tell the difference with her hands/arms.

I tried it on my hands and I have to say - I'm totally sold! I loved how good it made my hands and nails feel and that there was no residue. Even when I washed my hands, it didn't wash off as it had soaked in.
You are an absolutely genius Ruth. I'm definitely your newest fan!! :-)

Highly recommend this fantastic product.
Can't speak highly enough about it. Excellent customer service also."


{} Jazzlean (America)"I just received [my] order through [the] mail! I opened the [AfroShe®] Hair Butter and it is super rich and creamy...amazing... The Hair Butter is so soft and it is still solid after travelling so far...I love the natural aroma and consistency. The [AfroShe®] Hair Spritz is so refreshing... Just like I had in mind of your products before arrival... Have a great afternoon and goodnight from California...Thanks again.



{} Diana (Australia): "This is what my face looked like due to the side effects of medication prescribed by my doctor for the past year. I have tried everything to get rid of it.

AfroShe testimonials AfroShe testimonials

AfroShe testimonials AfroShe testimonials After

I used your "miracle cream" AfroShe® Face & Body Butter -Unscented and saw results from the very next day!! My face was always very dry from the soap and gel that I have to use. Ruth, thank you so much I am so happy with your products.

{} Ellie (U.K):AfroShe® Hair Spritz & AfroShe® Hair Butter "We can really see the difference. Amber's hair was really dry. We are really enjoying the products and Amber's hair looks so healthy. We have received our products and as usual, thank you for the care you've taken in packaging it and the information you've provided. We are very pleased as usual and also super impressed with the new look."


{} Nadirah's mum (America): AfroShe® Hair Spritz & AfroShe® Hair Butter "My daughter and I love AfroShe® products. It makes Nadirah's hair more manageable."


{} Michelle (New Zealand): AfroShe® Hair Spritz - Fantastic product! Great for moisturising hair while they are in braids/twists. Also a great product to use when styling very curly hair (used with hair butter). Fabulous service and communication. We highly recommend to others (who have kinky, curly hair). We will be buying this again. Our daughter's hair is just so much better  and more beautiful since we started using your products"

{} Gloria (America): Gloria's three daughters

"I tried your AfroShe® Hair Spritz & AfroShe® Hair Butter products on my three girls with different textures. Well, I love it! It defined their curls. It was not greasy, no frizzy hair, incredible shine...love it... I tried a bit on my 7 month old daughter's straight hair and it was not greasy either."

{} Youtuber 'NaturalcurliesTV'(U.K): Watch this YT video and be a amazed at how Kara's choice (her favourite product) of AfroShe Detangler Cleanser Conditioner has greatly affected her choice of hair conditioners for the better.


{} Wallatta (U.K): "Thank you for the AfroShe® Hair Spritz & AfroShe® Hair Butter they came on time...my daughter is not crying so much when I spritz her hair, it is early days but I believe I have found my magic potion :)). I have ordered two morw spritz as I will be using on my braids, and I would like to say thank you sooooooo much for these products...please continue to sell them, I have also told a lot of my friends on fb...keep up the good work".

{} Hilda (America): "I used the AfroShe® Hair Spritz & AfroShe® Hair Butter...and omg ...I love it...but when I received it half was gone til I read ur note...will order more...my baby girl got very dry scalp...And this product hydrates it to the max...her hair is silky soft now...thank u...she also have eczema...very dry skin...I pray ur eczema skin care does wonders...

{} Michelle (New Zealand): "Love, love, love this product! Our daughter has African hair - it was extremely dry and brittle and I found it difficult to manage. We tried many different natural products and none of them worked as well as the AfroShe® Hair Butter. This product, along with deep conditioning washing, has made such a difference to our wee girl's hair. It has grown so fast, is beautifully conditioned, great to use on a daily basis and does not weigh her hair down or make it greasy in any way. Everyone comments on how beautiful our daughter's hair is and our daughter feels her hair is beautiful too - no more 'ouchy' mornings while I'm doing her hair. The seller is lovely to deal with also. Thank you sooo much Ruth! Highly recommend."

{} Wilmor (Australia): "I've been trying your AfroShe® Hair Butter product and it appears to be doing exactly what you says it does. Any chance I can get my hands on some quickly..."

{} Lillian (Australia):AfroShe® Hair Spritz & AfroShe® Hair Butter "It's so much easier to do her (daughter's) hair"


{} Lili (Australia): A colleague's  15 year old daughter was keen to use AfroShe® Hair Spritz & AfroShe® Hair Butter on her Caucasian curly hair. Lili and her mother could not believe the result!!! Lili's mum tells how she stopped and looked in amazement at her daugther's hair after she had washed her hair and applied AfroShe® hair products. "What have you done to your hair?" Lili replies "I used AfroShe (hair spritz and hair butter)" Lili's hair was shiny, smooth and soft. Lili's mother told me she couldn't keep her hands out of her daughter's hair! Lili now uses AfroShe® Hair Butter and AfroShe® Hair Spritz on her dry and wet hair.


{} J.M (Australia) had tried many different chemical-based, shop-bought products to help her skin and none of them worked. A number of them even caused skin reactions! J.M. then tried AfroShe® Face & Body Butter on her face and immediately started noticing a BIG difference. The spots on J.M's face immediately began to fade. In fact her face looked so smooth and clear that her colleagues at work told her she was 'glowing' and wondered if she was pregnant!! J.M told them her secret, It's "AfroShe®". Within three days of using AfroShe® J.M's hands had improved so dramaticallythat she decided to discontinue her very expensive branded hand cream.

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