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 Hi and WELCOME to AfroShe®. Thank you for visiting our online store. We hope you will be inspired to start and or continue your natural hair and skin care journey with AfroShe®.

  • Australian made & owned 
  • Handmade with natural & certified organic ingredients
  • Founded & formulated by a primary school educator and curly mum from a diverse cultural background with curly kids
  • Vegan & cruelty-free hair and skin care
  • Hair care products for babies to adults with wavy, curly, kinky coily/ afro & locs
  • Skin care products for babies to adults with dry/ itchy skin, eczema & psoriasis
  • Free of parabens, silicone & sulfates

AfroShe® Mission Possible

At AfroShe® we believe that your natural hair and skin are beautifully made and perfect in every way and deserve the best nature has to offer in love and care. That's why at AfroShe® our products are handmade, formulated with 100% natural & certified organic ingredients, delivering instant and long lasting results that you can see and feel. We are very proud of the high quality of ingredients used in our products.

AfroShe products are vegan-friendly and cruelty free. Every ingredient has been chosen for its unique properties. Our high concentration formulas are very rich and you will find that a little goes a long way. Our products are also free of parabens, silicone and sulfates.

AfroShe® hair care products will repair, restore, rejuvenate, moisturise, hydrate & nourish your wavy (2b, 2c), curly (3a, 3b, 3c), kinky (4a, 4b, 4c)  & locs hair and leave it hydrated, soft and manageable.

AfroShe® skin care products will soothe & nourish your dry & itchy skin, eczema and psoriasis.


~~~The Story of AfroShe®~~~

I'm Ruth Wallis and I am the founder & formulator of AfroShe®.

Organic Hair & Skin Care | Natural & Handmade | AfroShe

Here's a 'long story short' version of how it all came to be. The story of AfroShe®  began back in April 2013. But wait a minute! For it to make a bit more sense I have to take you back to the early 90's. Scroll all the way down to WATCH my journey on YouTube.

1991 - my family and I moved from Ghana, West Africa to Australia when I was in year 4.

New school - My family and I were the only Africans in a little country town in NSW, Australia. This was where I discovered, all of a sudden (according to my peers) that I didn't have "nice skin or good hair" and this led to a "little" dislike of myself with lots of confused questions to Divine Intelligence.

High School - I started doing my own hair in braids as my mum didn't want me to relax my hair at the time. Then finally, in my final year of high school (1999) my mum relaxed my hair but because my hair was very thick. It did not work like I had hoped...e.g. soft, silky, blowing in the wind like the model on the packaging!!! Apparently there is something "wrong" with my hair. It was "stubborn"! 

Curly Hair Care Australia | Natural & Organic | AfroShe

Me and my High School besties :-) - Year 12 Graduation 1999

2000 - 2013 - I continued to do my own braiding every 4 months (all day 8 hours plus) & relaxing (hoping & praying NOT to burn my scalp with all the harmful chemicals in the products!!).

Curly Hair Care Australia | Natural & Organic | AfroShe  

Got married and had my first baby - Evie. I was sure her hair would be considered as 'good hair' and it would be easier to manage especially as she would be 75% African & 25% English/ Welsh.

Baby Curly Hair Care | Handmade & Organic | AfroShe

Evie at 6 months

 Baby Hair Care Products | Organic & Natural | AfroShe

Evie  at 1 - Hair = 'good hair'

But as it turned out Evie's hair started to change at age 2. So I began to look for products to manage Evie's so called 'bad hair'. I knew however, NOT to use any relaxers on her hair. Evie's hair was always dry and brittle - and every attempt to detangle and brush her hair would always end in tears. I tried every product I could find in the shops. But nothing made any difference to the condition of her hair or my hair.

 Kids Curly Hair Care Products Australia | Organic | AfroShe
Evie 3 yrs - 'bad hair'??

April 2013 - I remember complaining to Divine Intelligence and asking why he gave us Africans and mixed race people such "bad hair." To my surprise he replied.... "I didn't give you 'bad hair', you just need to know how to look after it". So in reply I simply asked, "Then show me how!"

From that day on the ideas and inspiration began to flood in. I loved every bit of the research aspect of this learning journey with the Divine. I decided that I would have to create something that didn't have harmful chemicals. No store-bought products ever worked for us. In fact everything that we tried from the shops only made the condition of our hair worse. So I set out on a mission to create a blend of natural and traditional ingredients to heal, hydrate, and condition my family's hair, and enable it to grow without tangling or breaking. As a mum of two (at the time), I wanted my kids to grow up loving their hair and skin just as the Good Lord made it. I wanted them to know that their...

"natural hair and skin are beautifully made and perfect in every way and therefore deserve the best nature has to offer in love and care" Ruth - AfroShe® Founder & Formulator

Curly Kids Hair Care | Organic & Natural | AfroShe

Evie's amazing hair transformation with AfroShe

Curly Kids Hair Care | Organic & Natural | AfroShe 

WATCH on YouTube

The transformation in Evie's hair was amazing. From dry, tangled and hard to manage her hair became vibrant, moisturized and manageable and began to grow rapidly.

Curly Hair Care Products | Organic & Natural | AfroShe 
My last relaxer April 2013 | Daughter Evie & Son Ben
Curly Hair Care Products | Natural & Organic | AfroShe  
End result after relaxer!!
Curly Hair Care | Handmade & Organic | AfroShe


Curly Hair Care Australia | Organic & Natural | AfroShe

With my AfroShe hair care products!

Having grown up in Ghana I remember using organic Shea Butter on my skin and hair as a small child! At the time I didn’t really know anything about Shea Butter's AMAZING healing properties.  It was only when I began to research for AfroShe® that I discovered why Shea Butter had become a staple ingredient in traditional methods of hair and skin care in Ghana.

Found only in the tropics of Africa, Shea butter comes from the nuts of the Shea-Karite tree. (Shea-Karite translates as "Tree of Life"). Along with a special selection of 100% natural ingredients, I used organic, unrefined Shea butter as my base for creating hair butters that are finely textured, and pleasant to the nose; blends that are loved by skin and hair alike. After seeing the incredible results in Evie's, I transitioned my own hair. My first Big Chop was in December 2013 and marked the beginning of my own natural hair journey.  Soon I had strangers asking where I bought the products that conditioned my daughter's hair and my hair so beautifully and asking if they could buy it from me. So I decided to prepare AfroShe for purchase and the rest as they say is history.

AfroShe® has been running since 2013 as a family business. We love the transformation of our own hair and are thrilled by the continual feedback we receive from people all around the world who write and send their pictures to tell us that AfroShe® products have healed and transformed their own skin and hair.


Ruth Wallis | Curly Hair & Skin Care Australia | AfroShe

Wallis Family

Watch our videos on our Youtube channel and check out our social network for our wide range of videos with customers reviews and more.

I hope you feel blessed and inspired to start or continue your natural hair and healthy skin care journey.

"Once you use AfroShe® for your hair and skin, you'll never go back to anything else!" 

My natural hair journey from April 2013-Oct 2014 and then 2nd big chop Jan 2016. Watch on our AfroShe® YouTube channel

Curly Hair Care Products | Handmade & Organic | AfroShe 

Dec 28th 2019 - Sisterlocs - NEW Natural Hair Journey.

Check out my versatile 4c kinky hair styles with AfroShe. From Dec 28th, I went from a big afro to installing (diy) over 300 interlocked sisterlocs. Sisterlocs are the ULTIMATE definition of shrinkage on kinky coily hair but I'm so loving my new look as well as absolutely rocking it with AfroShe hair care products. Over the past six (6) months I've tried and tested my AfroShe products on my locs and as you can see the results are amazing. Check out (SHOP Locs Hair Care) which AfroShe products I used to nourish, maintain and grow my locs. 


Locs Hair Care | Natural Hair Care Products | AfroShe

Locs Hair Care Products | Handmade & Organic | AfroShe


 My Versatile 4C Hair Styles

Curly Hair Care Products | Organic & Natural | AfroShe

AfroShe® is one small part of a worldwide phenomenon. Around the world men and women with Afro hair are learning that Divine Intelligence made Afro Hair and made it good!!

Do you relate to any of AfroShe's story? If so, I'd love to hear about it. You can contact me via our CONTACT US page.

A bit more about me - Ruth

I am a Ghanaian Australian. I moved to Australia with my parents in 1991. I then went to primary school, high school and University in New South Wales and later on, completed my Bachelor of Early Childhood Education in Canberra, ACT - 2004. I met my husband in Canberra. I am a wife and a proud mother of three beautiful children, aged 13 years, 11 years & 7 years. My background is in primary school teaching with a love for early years literacy. I am also the author of  the children's picture book of "Ophelia's Opposites" and contributing author of "Falling in Love with You" (OakTara USA 2012). This anthology includes the story of how I met my husband. From Jan 2020, I resigned from 15 years of teaching in order to manage AfroShe as it continues to rapidly grow.

Ruth Wallis Books on Amazon  Falling In Love With You (contributing author) & The 10 Steps to Finding your Soul-Mate - Guaranteed! (results may vary)

Ophelia's Opposites  - Children's picture book

Peace & Light,

Ruth (Founder & Formulator, AfroShe®)