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Awesome Product

I ordered the deep treatment combo along with the Hair Spritz and the Shea Butter and it is amazing. My child is 7yrs old and I've tried many different products in her hair over the years and finally have found the golden egg! Thanks Ruth, we simply cannot live without your hair care products now!

Didn't really detangle

I was expecting the product to be more slippery. Once applied, it softened my hair but I could not really detangle well because there was no slip.

Thanks for taking the time to review. As per instruction for best result detangle hair in 'small sections at a time'.

Afro she hair gel

Awesome product. My frizzy hair loves this😍


I have been following the Afroshe Instagram account for some time and had been in touch with Ruth previously about the products and I guess I didn't believe that these would work for my daughter's hair, having used other hand-made products from small businesses before and not getting the results I expected. After much ado and questioning myself, I decided to take the plunge and purchase some products and have them shipped to the UK. AND BOY WAS IT WORTH EVERY PENNY! My daughter's hair is healthy and shiny and only requires 1 wash day per week as the products are so light on her hair. I used to find others would weigh her hair down after a couple of refreshes and the curls would start to look lank and greasy and begin to drop, but Afroshe has made curly hair care so much simpler and easier. Just a small amount of hair butter after a wash followed by a light spritz of hair milk and we're good to go. And refreshing is as simple as dampening her hair with some water and a little bit of Hair Spritz or Hair Milk and we're done, curls are re-defined and bouncy and frizz and fly aways are massively reduced. I cannot recommend enough and we will definitely be purchasing again.

Happy with purchase

I received the starter pack with the hair spritz and the moisturizing hair gel on 29/04/2021 and have consistently used these products for every wash day and refresh since I received them. I love them, and so pleased that I purchased them. I have wavy/curly hair that loves protein but it is hard to get the right balance, these product have done just that - my hair feels great and the moisture/protein balance is just right. I will probably add the hair milk to my next order as I am using my other products for shampoo and conditioning. I get consistent results each time. I usually like a harder hold gel but find that this gel does the job. Highly recommend these products and will definitely purchase again.

Perfect for Protective Styles

I had been on the hunt for a stronger gel for protective styles and was thrilled to find this new product added to the Afroshe line. I use this for braids to puffs and it works a charm to hold everything in place.

So thrilled that we can be supporting an Australian based, natural hair care line that has products for all hair types and styles. Thanks Ruth!

Detangling Conditioner

My daughter has 4a/4b hair and can not stand having it combed, even in the shower. The Detangling Conditioner works a charm! No fuss, no tears, just easy brushing.

Easiest detangle after using this product

I have not come across anything that has detangled better than this. I used these products then the spitz & hair gel. My sons hair looks great.

Amazing product!!!

I got this for my 10 year old sons hair. His hair has never looked better. After only wash it is less dry and his curls look great. Definitely going to order the bigger bottles.

Detangler Cleanser Conditioner - Co-Wash

Happy Customer!!!

These products has been amazing, makes my little ones hair routine so much more relaxing, it has also contributed greatly towards her hair growth, will definitely be ordering again💯💯

Hair Spritz
Amy T.
Must have in my routine

I have been using the hair spritz for a few years now and it has become a must have in my hair routine. It does wonders for my curls defining them and making them last so much longer. Just a little bit of the product goes a long way. My favourite product from AfroShe

Amazing results!!

What a fantastic product. Purchased for my 3 year old daughter who has blond ringlets. This product has worked absolute magic. My daughters curls are now defined, conditioned & beautiful. No more frizz!! Try it you won’t be disappointed.

Curl It Moisturising Hair Gel Combo - Starter Pack

My first purchase. Personal preference, I didnt like the smell of the spritz by the end of the day. I love the gel, the best I have tried, not sticky or crunchy. Its given me a bit of confidence to wear my curls.

Nice natural hair products

Nice products which suits this particular dry type of hair, natural ingrediencies. not many this kind of products can be found in Australia

smells and feels amazing

Lovely product, cleanses so well. Nice to use as a leave in aswell before finishing with hair spritz and hair butter. My sons curls are always so soft after use.

I’m so happy I found AfroShe!

I’ve been looking for some products to condition my hair (4b), and a friend recommended AfroShe, and I’m so glad she did! The hair spritz smells so lovely and really moisturises my hair. And I absolutely love the Shea butter curl styler. I have two toddlers so I don’t have a lot of time, and the curl styler is great because I can just put it in and comb it through! It hydrates my hair and also makes my curls pop. The best thing I love about these products is they’re nice and light and not oily like other products I’ve used previously. And I’ve noticed they make my hands soft too! Definitely coming back for more :) thank you Ruth!

Amazing products

My daughters hair and curls have never felt and looked better!

From brittle to growth

Hi Ruth,

I’ve been using your products on my daughter’s hair daily. She had a patch on the back of her head that was very dry and brittle and despite using the curly girl products I had for my own hair, it just wasn’t getting any better. I noticed a difference in her hair after the first use. It was far more hydrated! After about a month’s use her hair has grown so much so quickly. Two happy customers 😊

Deep treatment combo

I quite like the products. Though they are a little heavy for my fine hair, I'm also still playing around with what works for me, I'm also still transitioning to cgm. The dconditioner is definitely amazing and left my hair feeling very soft afterwards.

Shea Butter Curl Styler
Marina H. (Australia)

Hi Ruth,
I love using natural products for my hair. There is no “crunch” using the curl styler gel, as it has no alcohol. Instead it leaves it feeling soft and luxurious. Thank you.

Great range of products

I have type 4 curls and I love how moisturising these products are on application. My hair was also left shiny. A little goes a long way as the curl styler is concentrated so it lasts a good while!

Fantastic products!

Seen a massive difference in my 3 year olds hair. Her hair looks amazing, more defined curls, shiny, glossy and looks so healthy now. My daughter loves the natural smell, she can’t wait to use Afroshe in her hair (neither can I)

Thank you so much!


I'm so grateful I'm stumbled across Ruth and Afroshe! Absolutely amazing products and Ruth is so very helpful beyond expectations.
I'm looking forward to making doing my son's hair more enjoyable for him.

Curl It Moisturising Hair Gel
Breanna A. (Australia)
The BEST gel you will come across for your curls!

This gel has to be the best gel on the market to retain and define your curls, without having a thick, crunchy texture like most gels do. I had bought this product originally for my daughter, but have loved it so much that we have all universally used this gel in my household! It is a soft hold that creates beautiful, shiny curls whilst keeping the frizz and fly aways at bay. I use this typically in conjunction with the Hair Milk. I will never buy another Gel for my toddlers curls again, thank you Afroshe!!!