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Here is a gallery of testimonials from our customers to inspire you to start your journey to healthy hair (wavy, curly and kinky coily) and beautiful skin with AfroShe. Our products are handmade, natural and organic, free of parabens, silicone and sulfates. Be sure to check out our social media links for more testimonials & watch our tutorial videos on Youtube. More Testimonials...

WoW! WoW! WoW! These AfroShe® natural hair care results SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS!!! I'll just let you soak all that in......:-)


AfroShe Testimonials  AfroShe testimonials

Congratulations Savannah on your dedication with your daughter's natural hair care regimen with the use of AfroShe Hair Care 3 Combo in the last 3 years!!! Thanks for letting us know so we can continue to celebrate with you and your daughter. Keep up the good work. Every blessings.


AfroShe testimonials  AfroShe testimonials

Here are four beautiful ladies showing off their INCREDIBLE AfroShe curly hair results with AfroShe's Hair Spritz &  Shea Butter Curl Styler. These products works wonders on so many hair types...relaxed/transitional, Afro, curly, mixed textured and frizzy curly hair (Caucasian). You can watch these results on AfroShe's YouTube channel.



Check out these gorgeous twists out and hairstyle on @Bubsbee (IG & YouTube) 4C hair!!

AfroShe testimonials

Watch Bubsbee's review on AfroShe's products.


AfroShe testimonials

I (Ruth) LOVE the versatility of my natural 4C kinky coily hair! Top left shows my hair in it's shrunken state and the rest of the pics shows three different hairstyles with my hair in a medium stretched out hair using Hair Care 3 Combo

 {} Pamela“Good Morning Ruth, I would like you to know that I received my package and have already use it… when I say I love the your product my hair is very thick and course I have been wearing it in two strand twisted because I am back in the gym I need something care free . I first got this for my grandbabies and I  decided to use some on my hair first.  OMG Great product . I also used it  on my granddaughter (L) who was 6 months old (now 12 months) and have very course hair. The spritz and hair butter made her hair so manageable which made it easy to comb which will keep her Nana happy . *:) happy And another thing is the way the hair butter keep my hair from frizzing up. Thanks again Ruth I AM SO GLAD I FOUND AFROSHE*:x lovestruck*=D> applause  P.S My husband can’t keep his hands out my hair Lol”

AfroShe testimonials

Reviews from Etsy (2016)

~~>“My daughter’s hair loves this product and I have convinced my husband to start using it as well… I love, love, love this product.”

~~>“I love, love, love this spritz. I used it along with the hair butter with sweet orange oil. They worked great together neither has an over powering scent…. I love the smell of this product. Made my hair moist. My hair was not dry or brittle.”

~~>“Love this product… I ordered for my new born princess n is wonderful.!”

~~>“Great product it’s great on me and my daughters hair.”

~~>“Great shipping time, product is fantastic!”

~~>“I loved all 3 of the products I received! They work so well on my daughters hair! I am still so impressed. Product come on time! Customer service was on point! Will defs by future products with AfroShe.”

AfroShe testimonials


AfroShe testimonials 
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{} Tayyibu – (U.K) “Hi Ruth, just wanted to let you know, I received my order about a week a go, and I love it. The way it absorbs into your skin is lovely and you really don’t need much, and it leaves the skin moist, unlike other skin moisturizer (after applying it you will feel like you have not put on anything), …but so far so good. The product for the hair is also lovely. I have placed another Order… Thanks”


{} {} Gabrielle Lopa – (Australia) “I absolutely love AfroShe® products. For 6 years I’ve tried just about everything. Finally my daughters hair is healthy, less tangled & much easier to manage. Using these products has also cut down the time it takes which is so important when you are a busy mum & means less tears and fidgeting for my daughter. I’m so glad to have found a product that is chemical free and organic and I would recommend these products to everyone!”.

AfroShe testimonials

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Detangler cleanser conditioner

Omg! Thank you, thank you for making something that makes combing my 2 year olds hair EASY!!! There was no battling with knots. Absolutely amazing.

Hair and scalp oil

Best stuff for getting rid of frizz at the top of your head! Will definetly spread the word to my curly friends...
Thankyou Afroshe!!

"Miracle Product"

Got this for my brother in law who had incredibly bad eczema. Nothing else had worked and his comment to me after a relatively short time of using it was that it was nothing less than a miracle! The eczema went away. We wish we had taken before and after photos!


I love this with the gel! I prefer a leave in that’s not a spray, but this wasn’t too hard to use and it paired very well with the gel. Will buy again!


I’m always reluctant with leave in sprays because they’re hard to get the ci verace I need, but not with this. I usually only apply leave in from mid shaft to the ends of my hair, but this was easy to apply. Definitely will buy again.