Deep Treatment Combo - Starter Pack

  • AfroShe® handmade, 100% natural & organic Deep Treatment Combo - will deep condition, cleanse and wash your wavy (2b, 2c), curly (3a, 3b, 3c), kinky (4a, 4b, 4c) hair & locs. This triple treat infusion of natural hair care goodness will repair, restore and rejuvenate your hair and leave it soft, hydrated and manageable.

    AfroShe products are vegan-friendly and cruelty free. Every ingredient has been chosen for its unique properties. Our high concentration formulas are very rich and you will find that a little goes a long way.

    The combo is suitable for children (2 years plus) and adults. It includes...

      Starter Pack

      1. Step 1 "Deep Condition" - Pre Lathering Cleanser Deep Conditioner with Shea Butter - 100ml/ 3.3fl oz
      2. Step 2 "Cleanse" - Rich Lathering Cleanser with Aloe Vera - 125ml/ 4.2fl oz
      3. Step 3 "Co-Wash" - Detangler Cleanser Conditioner - 125ml/ 4.2fl oz

      DUE TO POPULAR demand our Pre Lathering Cleanser Deep Conditioner with Shea Butter & Rich Lathering Cleanser with Aloe Vera are now available in two options...

      1. "ORIGINAL" formula - Cruelty free, with gelatin (not suitable for vegan).

      2. "GELATIN FREE" - Vegan formula & cruelty free.

    • See individual listing for more information...

    • See individual listing for more information...

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Deep treatment combo

    I quite like the products. Though they are a little heavy for my fine hair, I'm also still playing around with what works for me, I'm also still transitioning to cgm. The dconditioner is definitely amazing and left my hair feeling very soft afterwards.

    Deep Treatment Combo - Starter Pack

    I ordered this combo to see if it would help with my overmoisturized hair. After 1 wash my curls were back and a lot less frizz. I did a second wash with the cleansing conditioner only at the end of the week and my curls were almost back to 100%. I will continue to use this combo as it provides a perfect moisture and protein balance and healthy curls and scalp. Thank you Ruth!

    Hair Gel & Curl Styler Combo 

    Omg Ruth...these products are awesome. They are so beautiful for my hair.

    Great Products

    Hi Ruth,

    I have been using your products over the last 3 weeks. I have type 3a-3b hair and didn't try curly products for many years as they generally did nothing. My hair is gradually growing out after years of permanent straightening. I am very glad to say your products in the Starter pack made a genuine difference.

    So rich and nourishing

    I initially bought this combo because I knew I had the middle section of my hair that was in need of nourishment. It was super coarse, brittle and no product worked to define my curls or moisturise my hair. I reached out to AfroShe and they recommended this deep conditioning combo and just after the first time using it I noticed a change, and the second time an even bigger change. Excited to see how my hair will transform over the next few months using this combo! My hair feels stronger, softer and using the AfroShe hair butter, spritz and curl styler, this section of my hair was defined and moisturised! Love it! Highly recommend!

    ★ Reviews

    Our Customers LOVE AfroShe

    137 reviews
    Happy with purchase

    I received the starter pack with the hair spritz and the moisturizing hair gel on 29/04/2021 and have consistently used these products for every wash day and refresh since I received them. I love them, and so pleased that I purchased them. I have wavy/curly hair that loves protein but it is hard to get the right balance, these product have done just that - my hair feels great and the moisture/protein balance is just right. I will probably add the hair milk to my next order as I am using my other products for shampoo and conditioning. I get consistent results each time. I usually like a harder hold gel but find that this gel does the job. Highly recommend these products and will definitely purchase again.

    Perfect for Protective Styles

    I had been on the hunt for a stronger gel for protective styles and was thrilled to find this new product added to the Afroshe line. I use this for braids to puffs and it works a charm to hold everything in place.

    So thrilled that we can be supporting an Australian based, natural hair care line that has products for all hair types and styles. Thanks Ruth!

    Detangling Conditioner

    My daughter has 4a/4b hair and can not stand having it combed, even in the shower. The Detangling Conditioner works a charm! No fuss, no tears, just easy brushing.

    Easiest detangle after using this product

    I have not come across anything that has detangled better than this. I used these products then the spitz & hair gel. My sons hair looks great.

    Amazing product!!!

    I got this for my 10 year old sons hair. His hair has never looked better. After only wash it is less dry and his curls look great. Definitely going to order the bigger bottles.